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Assistant / Head Clerk job We are looking for the services of the Assistant / Head Clerk 

Assistant / Head Clerk Job Description

The assistant / head clerk responsibilities include supervising and administrating few clerks or store associates under her and starting and shutting the store sales. He is responsible for upholding an optimistic store personnel and client services Ambience. He supervises and oversees the operations that are executed in the store, makes sure that all these are done with agreement to the policies of the same and maintains the functions and undertakings of the same.

A assistant / head clerk helps the store supervising, assistant and clerks in completing their jobs effectively and accurately. He is responsible for upholding a work culture that helps all the client and caters to their requirement. He ensures that all the store personnel present behave politely with the clients and get back with clarifying their doubts. He greets the clients and encourages them to visit the store more often.

Required Qualification and Skill

Assistant / head clerk should have a bachelor’s degree in Accounts or Finance. He could also have the same in any other similar field. He could also appear for a civil service exam and would have to clear it.

But the latter would be Required only for holding the job Responsibilities of Assistant / head clerk in a civil job with the government. The former would be more than enough to hold the job roles and duties of a store assistant / head clerk, which has been Disussed above. A person looking forward to execute his job roles and duties must have very excellent math, Statistics and Observation Skills.

He would also need to have an eye for noticing the details and intricacies of a store. Besides all these Educational Qualifications and Skills, he would also need to be fast and effective, so that he is able to improve the profits of his store. Finally, he should be healthy and cheerful in order to execute the roles and duties of a assistant / head clerk.

Working Condition in Assistant / Head Clerk

Assistant / head clerk works in a store where he remains very busy in supervising and administrating the clerical personnel of the same. He has to work seven days a week with ocassional breaks in betweeen.

He manages the store personnel and has an off only on national holidays. Working for around nine hours every single day, makes him very tired and spent. Assistant / head clerk works in a Dynamic Environment where he remains surrounded by the store personnel, store products and the store itself.

Salary in Pakistan

The assistant / head clerk salary that he draws is 3,80000 in a single year. But his salary may vary from one destination to another.

Assistant / head clerk responsibilities include taking care of his/her store products and administrating the store personnel.

Job Responsibility in Pakistan

  • Depicting and showing All the products of the store to the client in compliance with the Rules and standards of the same.
  • Picking up products on a daily basis and achieving working capital base or ground on time.
  • Implementing benefit and protection methods and regulations alongside putting the company standards and modulations into effect.
  • Working as per the directions of the store assistant and overseeing all the store undertakings.
  • Up holding the superiority of all the store products and stepping-up the gross income of the entire store.
  • Observing the stock lists of all the commodities and taking care of them.
  • Monitoring and predicting the trade needs of the store to meet the merchandising and marketing targets and aims of the same.
  • Observing and managing all the vocational happenings in order to step-up the number of clients in the store and overseeing all the interactions with the store assistant or store supervisor.
  • Aiding the store assistant with elevating the sales for all the store staff in different marketing classes, helping to step-up the merchandising trade and giving on the spot instructional personnel and associates.
  • Giving specialized back-up to the store personnel, updating himself with the number of active store personnel and helping in recruiting deserving, effective and efficient workers for various posts lying vacant and available in the trade section of the store.
  • Upholding thoughts for enhancing the sanitation of the store and instructing the store associates and store personnel on various marketing trading deals and transactions.
  • Collaborating with the store administrator in order to give the needed advice for the same.
  • Formulating and strategist programs for all the procedures and methods run in the store in order to step-up the gross revenues of the same, assessing regular payment checks and upholding both, efficient and effective store personnel and associates, anytime and every time.
  • Overseeing and supervising the store crusades in order to facilitate publicity and package on time.
  • Studying and examining the tagged costs of various products kept in the store and upholding the same for all the clients.
  • Upholding the seller produces within the needed and given time and upholding the stock lists of all the products of the store within its given monetary funds and finances.
  • Making sure that all other jobs of the store that fall under him are executed by the same.

Relevant candidates are encouraged to apply.

This job was posted on

               Last Date For Apply 08-12-2022

Job Detail

Post For Applying Assistant / Head Clerk
Advertisement No 29/2022
Qualification B.A/ B.Sc. or equivalent degree.
Total Posts 04
Pay Scale BS-16
Age Limit Male: 32 years Female: 35 years As per Government 
Job Location Faisalabad
Fee 600
Last Date 08-12-2022

Assistant / Head Clerk Job

Please Note:

  1.  1- Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for a test/interview.
  2. 2- Incomplete applications/applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  3. 3- Applicants should submit original documents at the time of interview.
  4. Only those candidates will be called for typing test/proficiency test who will qualify the General Ability Test.


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